Alcatraz on FOX

Today for TV Tuesday we focus on FOX, starting with the preview broadcast of “Touch” starring Kiefer Sutherland, and moving on to the long-awaited broadcast premiere of “Alcatraz” starring Sam Neill, Jorge Garcia and Sarah Jones.

“Touch” was created by Tim Kring, he of “Heroes” fame (or infamy), and stars Kiefer Sutherland as Martin, single dad to troubled son Jacob, played by David Mazouz. In last week’s “preview event,” airing well ahead of the show’s official premiere on March 19, we also met Danny Glover as all-knowing professor Arthur and Gugu Mbatha-Raw as skeptical social worker Clea. It was an ambitious pilot, but can the conceit be sustained over an entire series?

Also, while we saw the first hour of “Alcatraz” at Comic-Con last July, it was a long wait before it finally hit the airwaves two weeks ago. Created by former “LOST” scribe Elizabeth Sarnoff (along with Steven Lilien and Bryan Wynbrandt) and backed by executive producers J.J. Abrams, Jack Bender and Bryan Burk, the show follows the history and new misdeeds of escaped Alcatraz inmates. What’s the real reason for their return? And do we have the patience to wait for the next big reveal?