Popspotting is free, and available to you in a number of different ways.


The most common way to subscribe to a podcast is via iTunes, free software available for both PCs and Macs. iTunes helps you manage your podcast subscriptions and automatically checks for and downloads new episodes. Click the button below to visit the Popspotting page on iTunes:

Other Podcast Clients

There are a number of other tools available besides iTunes to subscribe to and manage podcasts. These include Juice for Windows, and Google Listen for the Android operating system. For these software applications, you need to provide the podcast feed (also known as the enclosure or RSS feed). For Popspotting, the feed address is:

We’re also proud to be included in the Stitcher directory. Stitcher is an app that is available on almost every smartphone platform (from iPhone to Android to Blackberry and WebOS), and delivers podcasts via streaming.


For many, e-mail is still the preferred way to get updates. If you’d like to receive a email of Popspotting updates, just enter your e-mail address below and hit “Subscribe.” This is powered by Google’s FeedBurner service:


To get the latest Popspotting news, you can also connect with and interact with us on Twitter:

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