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It’s All Happening!

We’ve been podcasting since 2005. Once happy to merely chitchat about our everyday lives in Hawaii, we were soon swallowed whole by the massive global fandom of “LOST.” Our podcast, “The Transmission,” has connected tens of thousands of hardcore fans around the world. But this year’s final season of “LOST” is also bringing about the final season of “The Transmission,” and the time is drawing near to write our next chapter.

Not surprisingly, our path forward finds its roots in our past.

For Jen, before there was a podcast, there was a blog: “The Pith of Pop.” I’d been awed by her vast pop-culture knowledge since we first met (she’s like a walking IMDB, but more reliable), and nagged her to flex that greymatter. what do you use ivermectin for So as far back as 2003, she’d share her take on all flavors of movies, TV shows, music, and books.  Her first taste of podcasting was actually a regular “Pith of Pop” segment on my Hawaii show, “HawaiiUP.” That segment was where “The Transmission” was born. And now, in a way, that segment is also the root of our new show: Popspotting.

After the final thud of “LOST” in May 2010, Jen and I will surely cry, and collapse in grief. heartguard ivermectin cats But soon enough, we’ll take a deep breath, get back up, and begin unleashing Popspotting unto the world.

For our new show, Jen will shift into the driver’s seat. She is, after all, the pop-culture genius between us. I’m just the fast-talking producer.  Our scope will be purposefully broad. Movies, television, music, and books, of course, plus perhaps some art, some tech, and pop-culture news. There will also be regular segments, which Jen is furiously developing right now.

But most importantly, we’ll continue to invite — no, beg for — comments and contributions from our listeners. Our friends. You. The people we’ve truly grown to love and enjoyed chatting with over the past half decade. ivermectin cream for scabies  Perhaps “LOST” was how we first connected. Or Hawaiiana, or photography, or Facebook or Twitter. Together, we hope Popspotting can become our new hub for rich, fun, wide-ranging conversation.

Watch this space. And if you have any suggestions, ideas, questions or even random thoughts to share, we’d love to hear them. Popspotting is us. Let’s get to it.

Popspotting in iTunes

Popspotting in iTunes

Though Popspotting isn’t set to debut until Summer 2010, you can take a trip down memory lane today by subscribing to Popspotting in iTunes. We’ve added over 40 clips of the “Pith of Pop” segments we recorded for HawaiiUP. برنامج المراهنات على المباريات Fair warning, though… this is a flashback to the early days of podcasting, and our early days behind the mic. Revel in the low-bitrate rambling, but rest assured, Popspotting will be a completely different experience.

And a better one, hopefully!

We may also slip some extras into the feed over the next few months. As an added benefit, of course, you’ll be the first to get Popspotting when it launches! موقع كونكر اون لاين

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