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  • db (10 years)

    Your WD review was spot on. Extremely lame season where you start to despise most of the characters rather than root for them. I found the finalé much better then the rest of the season, but the bar was set extremely low. The strung out search for a little girl that we never really got to know fell flat and the big reveal came across more as a relief than a surprise and was not nearly as shocking as the girl in the premier.

  • Aaron Rummage (10 years)

    saw “The Girl With The Dragon Tattoo”, just wanted to throw out my two cents. after having seen the original Swedish film first, then devouring the trilogy of books (more than once) it felt like this one was a must see. it was nicely done but overall i felt disappointed. i felt that Micheal Nyqvist fit the role of Blomkvist better. after reading the books he surely didn’t come across as a James Bond kind of guy. and Noomi OWNED Lisbeth for me. more than one reviewer has complained that Rapace was too attractive for the role, which i can’t agree with. it felt that she filled Lisbeth’s skin perfectly. one of the main complaints that i read in the reviews was that the story was so big and sprawling, which it certainly was. but even after trimming things down, the original Swedish films did a better job, i felt, of propelling the overall story than the Fincher version did. there were very few slow spots in the original movies, where it often felt that the new version dragged in places. the originals didn’t feel like long movies, whereas the new version seemed to go on and on at times. 
    the new version wasn’t bad, but when it comes time for a another rewatch (soon), i’m confident that it will be subtitles again, for me. 
    one other thing that caught me was that the new version felt as if it was trying to end the story with this film. i certainly didn’t feel as if there was more to come. and i guess i don’t mind…
    the soundtrack was cool, though, when it wasn’t too loud. and i totally agree with you guys about the opening. one of the people that i saw the new one with commented that he was waiting for Daniel Craig to point a gun at us through a pistol barrel by the end of the credits.

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