For TV Tuesday we talk about two shows with unique twists. First, we review the pilot of “Awake,” the new NBC series starring Jason Isaacs and created by Kyle Killen (Lone Star, The Beaver). Then we confess our love for “The Booth at the End,” a web video serial by Christopher Kubasik.

In “Awake,” Isaacs plays Michael Britten, a police detective who survives a tragic car accident with his family. But it seems as if he’s now split between two worlds, one in which his wife Hannah (Laura Allen) survives, and the other where it’s his son Rex (Dylan Minnette) who lives. And he has a psychiatrist on both sides trying to help him sort it all out, played by B.D. Wong and Cherry Jones.

In “The Booth at the End,” Xander Berkeley plays an unnamed mysterious man who takes up residence in a L.A. diner and makes deals with people who want something. Whether it’s money or true love, he can help make it happen, if you agree to do as he asks. But they’re not always simple tasks. Familiar faces include Sarah Clarke (24) and Timothy Omundson (Psych).