Rainbow Falls in HiloThe sleepy East Hawaii town of Hilo is where we met, and is among our favorite places on Earth. With a population of 40,000, it’s the third largest city in the state, but it feels much, much smaller. Back in September, when we took a tour of the Big Island, we promised that we’d focus on Hilo Town in a future show. Now that a listener is planning a visit, we figured it was time to show you around.

Today we’ll cover Hilo’s museums, natural sights, and of course, its cuisine. Highlights include the Imiloa Astronomy Center, the Pacific Tsunami Museum, Rainbow Falls, Richardson Beach, and Kaumana Cave.

When it comes to dining, beyond Ken’s House of Pancakes, there’s Blane’s Drive Inn, Cafe Pesto, and Two Ladies Kitchen.

We hope you enjoy our Hawaii-themed podcasts, and if there’s anything you want to know about the Aloha State, please don’t hesitate to ask! Next on our travel to-do list will probably be a food tour of Honolulu… unless you’ve got an even better idea!