FoodspottingAs a follow-up to our June show highlighting Jen’s favorite photo apps, both of us share five apps that we can’t live without. While we’re iPhone users, almost all of these apps are available for Android smartphones, and most have web interfaces as well.

Jen’s top five are Vlix (video clips), Fruit Ninja (arcade game), GetGlue and GoMiso (media checkins), Foodspotting (food photos) and Shazam (song identification).

Ryan is a fan of Autostitch Panorama (panoramic photos), RunKeeper (fitness tracking), Glympse (live location sharing), Evernote (notekeeping), and Remember The Milk (task management).

Honorable mentions include Pandora, Tweetbot, and Google+.

And we should mention that if we had put this list together a month ago, we may have also included Photovine and Gowalla. But Google killed Photovine a couple of weeks ago, and Gowalla has completely changed direction from location checkins to local guides.

Of course, there are thousands of apps out there, and many gems we’ve probably never heard of. If there’s a killer app you use every day, please tell us about it!