Colleen GlatfelterJoining us this week for “PopTalk & Trivia Thursday” is Colleen Glatfelter, a long-time friend, blogger, and veteran podcaster. A New Yorker at heart, she’s now in North Carolina thanks to true geek love, having recently married podcasting powerhouse Jay of “The LOST Podcast with Jay & Jack.”

Today she shares her love of celebrity gossip (but not really mean celebrity gossip), “Game of Thrones,” and Rick Riordan. Then, the trivia.

We had a blast talking with Colleen (only half of our free-flowing conversation made the podcast), and we can’t wait to see her again in person at Comic-Con next month. If you want to connect with her, check out her blog (, follow her on Twitter (@Colleen84), or look for her on Instagram!

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