Breaking Bad PosterWhen it comes to solid drama and knockout performances, our absolute favorite show right now is “Breaking Bad” on AMC.

It was the series most often recommended to us when we were wallowing in a post-“LOST” fugue state, and it deserves all the acclaim it gets. No, there’s no science fiction, and just a smattering of science. But “Breaking Bad” is intense, gripping, mesmerizing television. Some of its lightest moments are also its darkest, and some of the humor is beautifully painful. We can’t recommend it enough.

The Season 3 DVD just came out last week, and Season 4 premieres on July 17. So if you’re not yet aboard, you’ve got just enough time to catch up.

And if you love “Breaking Bad” as much as we do, Gavin here in Honolulu points out that you can’t miss the “Breaking Bad Insider Podcast.”

If you’re not watching, why not? And if you are, how much do you love the show? Jen suggests that Aaron Paul (as Jesse) has an even tougher job than Bryan Cranston (as Walter)… and given where Season 3 left off (no spoilers!), I think things will only get more amazing for both of them this year.