JopinionatedWe were thrilled and somewhat terrified to welcome Jo “Jopinionated” Garfein to Popspotting as our second-ever PopTalk & Trivia Thursday guest.

On one hand, she’s a great person and a good friend, and someone we knew would be okay with being served a giant bowl of awkwardsauce. On the other hand, she’s a bona fide entertainment guru, a respected writer and reviewer with much-deserved advance access to some of the coolest stuff coming down the pike.

And she quickly shakes things up, shooting past our three topic template to preview four new shows worth watching. She got an advance look at several upcoming series starring former “LOST” stars, and gives a quick, spoiler-free take on each.

As for trivia, she tackles one of the first categories Jen ever thought up when we conceived Popspotting: “Florida Town or Infectious Disease?”

For more of Jo’s take on TV, movies, and pop culture, check out, or follow her on Twitter at @jopinionated.