Hawaii Five-0Today we catch up on a couple of our weekly watches: “Hawaii Five-0,” the reboot of the classic cop show on CBS, and “Chuck” on NBC, one of the geekiest shows on television.

We harbor no illusions that “Five-0” is a gripping, original cop show, and Jen only watches when she’s in the mood for its particular brand of melodrama. Scott Caan is the standout star, and his chemistry with both Alex O’Loughlin and Claire van der Boom makes for some great scenes. We only wish Daniel Dae Kim and Grace Park had more interesting things to do. Still, we’re having fun, and we loved the first season finale.

As for “Chuck,” once a reliable laugh-out-loud pop-savvy comedy, we lament the developments of the latest season, in which a colorful ensemble has taken a back seat to a fairly weak romantic pairing that was far more interesting before they were a couple. The series has fought for its life before, and we hope the writers fight to bring it back from the brink of boring.

Where will the second season of “Five-0” pick up? And what truly original plot twist could save “Chuck” next fall?