Burt Lum

Ever since we first started planning Popspotting, we knew we wanted to have guests join us now and then… both to feature voices and ideas other than our own, and to try our hands as trivia game show hosts.

Of course, after years of recording as a couple, we knew it would be a bit of an adjustment to bring new people into the conversation. So for our first attempt at “PopTalk & Trivia,” we asked Burt Lum to be our guinea pig.

Burt is a friend and fellow media-maker in Honolulu, who (along with Ryan) co-hosts an old-fashioned weekly, live FM radio talk show on Hawaii Public Radio. He also blogs at Bytemarks.org. You can follow him on Twitter at @bytemarks.

We asked Burt to tell us about three things he was currently watching (we guarantee you’ve never heard of one of them), and then subjected him to a pop quiz. He did incredibly well… in the first round.

Not surprisingly, this inaugural outing was a little rough and awkward, but we thought it was a decent start. We hope you get a sense for what we’re doing, and hopefully consider volunteering to be a future guest!