Fringe PosterIt’s no “LOST,” but after “LOST,” J.J. Abams’ “Fringe” was and remains our favorite network show. It brings unabashed sci-fi with decent plots, strong characters, and great actors. It even survived a move to a traditionally deadly Friday timeslot. With Season 3 just ended, we’ll probably talk more frequently about “Fringe” once Season 4 gets underway, but this is our introductory overview to hopefully encourage those who might be on the fence to dive in.

Do you love “Fringe”? What the heck do you think that season finale means, and where do you think we’ll go next season?

We’re aiming for short chats of ten minutes or so. But is that too short, even if we post an episode more often? Note that things might get more substantial as we have more feedback to incorporate. But as we’re still feeling our way, your early thoughts on how things are going is very important to us. Thank you for listening!