Forgotten Flix

Updated Dec. 15, 2011, 5:30 a.m. HST | Today’s guest is Joel Robertson, producer and co-host of The Forgotten Flix Podcast (along with Jason Grooms). Joel spent most of his youth as an aspiring movie maker, idolizing folks like Raimi, Carpenter, Dante, Spielberg, Craven, et al. He loves talking movies with other movie fans, supporting indie filmmakers, and, when the time is right, will once again subject the world to one of his movie making endeavors. (Yes, he too has a page on IMDB.) He lives in central Florida with his amazing (and amazingly patient) wife, who was also his high school sweetheart, and their three beautiful, young sons.

Want more Joel? You can find him on Twitter @forgottenflix. He’s also on Facebook at the Forgotten Flix page, and in the Forgotten Flix Podcast Group.