Touch on Fox

Popspotting #210: “The Katzenjammer Touch” (Feb. 10, 2012)

Touch on Fox

We start Feedback Friday with thoughts on “Touch” on FOX, created by Tim Kring of “Heroes” and starring Kiefer Sutherland. At least a couple of listeners liked it much more than we did. We also touch on “Alcatraz,” “Terriers,” and “Misfits.” And our “Downton Abbey” love prompts a recommendation of the BBC’s 2004 miniseries “North & South.” We also share feedback on our “Hawaii 101” show, and a pair of music recommendations that could not be more different.

Bret "The Hitman" Hart

Popspotting #209: “Wresting Mildred” (Feb. 9, 2012)

Megan Dively Lehman

Today brings an especially memorable entry in our PopTalk & Trivia Thursday series, as guest Megan from Pennsylvania kicks things off with an award-winning rooster crow. Her recommendations range from a book to a television miniseries to a wacky game app. Then we put her top-ranked trivia night talents to the test… with a special guest appearance by our daughter, Katie! Megan’s picks were:

  • “Hitman: My Real Life in the Cartoon World of Wrestling”
  • “Mildred Pierce” from HBO
  • “Five Minutes to Kill (Yourself)”
The Hobbit

Popspotting #208: “Coming Attractions 2012” (Feb. 8, 2012)

Django Unchained - Fan Art by Crustydog on Deviantart

For Wildcard Wednesday, we survey the year ahead, and share our most-anticipated movies of 2012. Ryan and Jen both share their top five picks, plus a few runners up. They include “The Dark Knight Rises,” “Moonrise Kingdom,” “Cloud Atlas,” “The Hobbit” and “The Master” for Ryan, and “Magic Mike,” “Dark Shadows,” “Looper,” “The Hunger Games” and “Django Unchained” for Jen.

The River on ABC

Popspotting #207: “The River” (Feb. 7, 2012)

Review of The River on ABC

ABC’s new paranormal adventure series “The River” premieres tonight on ABC. We weigh in on the first two hours for TV Tuesday. موقع بايبال Created by Oren Peli of “Paranormal Activities” fame, the show stars Bruce Greenwood, Joe Anderson, Paul Blackthorne, Paulina Gaitan, Leslie Hope, Eloise Mumford, Shaun Parkes, Thomas Kretschmann, and Daniel Zacapa.


Popspotting #206: “Chronicle” (Feb. 6, 2012)

Chronicle Review

We go back to the multiplex to check out a recent release for Movie Monday. Jen wanted to see the new Daniel Radcliffe film, but Ryan’s a big chicken, so we went to see “Chronicle” instead. We didn’t know anything going in, but coming out, we were thoroughly entertained. قانون البوكر

“Chronicle” comes from the relatively new team of director Josh Trank and writer Max Landis (son of director John Landis) and stars Dane DeHaan, Michael B. Jordan, and Alex Russell as a group of Seattle teens who suddenly find themselves with special powers, and the problems that come with them.

Hunger Games

Popspotting #205: “Hunger Giants” (Feb. 3, 2012)

The Hunger Games

We kick off Feedback Friday focusing on the written word, with your thoughts on books like “Ready Player One” and “Hunger Games.” Then it’s onto movie talk, touching on “Midnight in Paris” and “Mission Impossible.” Listeners also send in reports of movie theater innovations across the country. Finally, we get to your top songs from 1992.

Andrea Zuniga

Popspotting #204: “Breaking Rock Revenge” (Feb. 2, 2012)

Andrea Zuniga

Today’s guest only moved to New York two months ago, but she manages to share some of the ambiance of city life along with her picks: “30 Rock” on NBC, “Revenge” on ABC, and “Breaking Bad” on AMC. Andrea Zuniga (@iandrea) once had us on her podcast, so we get to turn the tables with music trivia.

An Education

Popspotting #203: “An Education at the End” (Feb. 1, 2012)

John Dies at the End

As we roll into February, we figured it was time we went back to the books. Today Jen reviews “An Education,” a memoir by Lynn Barber, and “John Dies at the End,” a web serial by John Wong of Cracked.com fame that became a book (and has now become a movie).

“An Education” was the inspiration for the 2009 film starring Carey Mulligan, but the story told on screen was but one chapter in Barber’s life. 365كورة As the memoir explains, that naive young girl would go on to work for Penthouse magazine. As for “John Dies at the End,” it’s a story that defies categorization, but overflows with colorful, pop culture-savvy storytelling (and the occasional poop joke). الرياضية اون لاين

Alcatraz on FOX

Popspotting #202: “Touch of Alcatraz” (Jan. 31, 2012)

Alcatraz on FOX

Today for TV Tuesday we focus on FOX, starting with the preview broadcast of “Touch” starring Kiefer Sutherland, and moving on to the long-awaited broadcast premiere of “Alcatraz” starring Sam Neill, Jorge Garcia and Sarah Jones.

“Touch” was created by Tim Kring, he of “Heroes” fame (or infamy), and stars Kiefer Sutherland as Martin, single dad to troubled son Jacob, played by David Mazouz. In last week’s “preview event,” airing well ahead of the show’s official premiere on March 19, we also met Danny Glover as all-knowing professor Arthur and Gugu Mbatha-Raw as skeptical social worker Clea. It was an ambitious pilot, but can the conceit be sustained over an entire series?

Also, while we saw the first hour of “Alcatraz” at Comic-Con last July, it was a long wait before it finally hit the airwaves two weeks ago. Created by former “LOST” scribe Elizabeth Sarnoff (along with Steven Lilien and Bryan Wynbrandt) and backed by executive producers J.J. Abrams, Jack Bender and Bryan Burk, the show follows the history and new misdeeds of escaped Alcatraz inmates. What’s the real reason for their return? And do we have the patience to wait for the next big reveal?

Attack the Block

Popspotting #201: “Attack the Block” (Jan. 30, 2012)

Attack The Block

This British sci-fi flick charmed nearly everyone who saw it. Alas, too few people saw it. “Attack the Block” came out last May, but apart from making a small splash at SXSW in Austin and getting a very limited North American release, it has relied on word of mouth and DVD/Blu-Ray rentals and sales to find an audience. Thanks to Matt and other Popspotting listeners, you can count us among its fans as well. Written and directed by Joe Cornish, “Attack the Block” stars John Boyega, Jodie Whittaker, Alex Esmail, Franz Drameh, Leeon Jones, Simon Howard and Nick Frost.

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