Geoff GentryA few weeks ago, our show schedule was unexpectedly interrupted by some bad news. Though we rallied in the midst of it all to post one more week of episodes, it soon became clear that we’d need to take some time off to focus on health and family.

We knew everyone would understand. Indeed, the support we’ve received over the last month has been humbling and inspiring. But we nonetheless lamented the fact that we wouldn’t be able to keep Popspotting going.

Enter longtime listener and regular contributor Geoff Gentry (@xforce11 on Twitter). In addition to sending his prayers and support, already more than we could have asked for, he proposed the “Popspotting Listener Edition.” For those with the time and energy to share, it would be a fun way to give Popspotting listeners something to listen to: each other.

We were touched by his gesture. And we were thrilled when he came through with our very first “Listener Edition” episode. So while Jen and I get cozy in the back seat, here’s Geoff taking the wheel, sharing some great music (as usual) he discovered… on YouTube.

Thanks, Geoff. And thanks to everyone for having our back. It helps, more than we could ever say.