Being Human

We kick off this feedback show with a call from Angela in Missouri, who was as happy to find us podcasting again as we were to have her back in the family. She shares some of her favorite Asian dishes, then on the entertainment front, suggests we take a look at “Being Human.” How does it compare to the original U.K. series? Shelley in Oklahoma has an opinion on that. Then Geoff shares his love of “Band of Brothers,” with a vote of support from Faith in Tennessee.

Also today, more judgments on new fall TV shows, from “2 Broke Girls” to “Suburgatory” to “Prime Suspect.” We get schooled on Bollywood, and we get six app recommendations to help us get in shape.

Finally, we’d like to ask for your feedback on the Popspotting show schedule.

We’ve posted 85 daily episodes (with a break for Comic-Con) since relaunching in May. We love the Monday-through-Friday scheme we’ve got going, and it seems listeners do, too. But we also know (both from your feedback and from our stats) that a daily show is tough to keep up with. Many people fall behind, week to week, and from Monday through Friday. And honestly, we’re struggling to keep up with all the great stuff we need to watch, hear, and read in order to talk about it.

So as we’ve mentioned before, we’d like to build in breaks into our schedule.

We were thinking we could go to a “three one, one off” monthly cycle, or do “seasons” (eight to ten weeks, with longer breaks). We could even alternate weeks, for the most conservative setup… and there are probably other schedule ideas we’ve not thought of. We’d really appreciate it if you’d tell us what you prefer, and what works best for your listening schedule.

You all everybody are the reason we do this show. Thanks for helping us make it the best it can be.