We’re fortunate to call Hawaii our home. And as residents of a place that represents a great getaway for much of the world, we’re often asked for advice on places to go and things to see in the Aloha State. And as we start planning for our own regular “getaway” to the Big Island, we figured we’d take you along for the ride.

For today’s podcast, we start in the cool, lush rainforest neighborhood of Volcano Village. After taking you through Hawaii Volcanoes National Park, we make our way down to Hilo Town, then head north along the Hamakua Coast. Finally it’s up through Waimea, skipping Kona to head north to Hawi on the northern end of the island.

If you want to see photos from our last trip, including several spots we mention on our show, check out our gallery on Flickr.

As hard as it was, we didn’t spend any time in Hilo for today’s audio tour. We could easily dedicate a separate episode (or two) to our favorite “city by the bay.” And we might, provided you enjoyed taking this trip with us!