Alirio FerreiraWe love Canada. We love Canadians. And one of the main reasons why we’re so resolute in our affection for the Great White North is Alirio (@alirio)… as well as his wonderful family. If you need a friendly face and brilliant mind to help survive the chaos of Comic-Con, Alirio is a guy you need to know.

Alirio is also a fellow podcaster, one of the voices behind “PotentialCast” (devoted to his first pick, “Buffy the Vampire Slayer”), as well as “Yip! Yip!” (devoted to “The Last Airbender”), and PauseCast” (devoted to everything, but now on hiatus).

Jealous as we are of his home country’s reasonable sanity, we made sure his trivia challenge was solidly America-centric. What does a Canuck know about “The Simpsons,” right?