Ballroom 20

It’s impossible to cover nearly a week of travel and pop culture craziness in fifteen minutes. Turns out it’s also impossible to do it in half an hour. Our longest podcast yet still doesn’t completely convey our glee (no pun intended) as we look back at our fourth Comic-Con, and at our first family vacation to San Diego.

Ryan shares some of the adventures he and eldest daughter Katie had at the San Diego Convention Center, and Jen recounts the kid-friendly sights and sounds of the surrounding city. We talk about where we went, what we ate, and what we saw, touching briefly on the preview screenings for “Alcatraz,” “Person of Interest,” and “Terra Nova” (and snickering at “The Secret Circle”).

If you’ve never been, we encourage you to consider attending your first “Geek Prom.” Thanks to the trainwreck that was this year’s advance registration setup, you have a better chance at 2012 passes than anyone’s had in a long time.