Popspotting #72: “Hockey and Parenthood” (June 17, 2011)

ParenthoodFor this “Feedback Friday,” Jen issues a big mea culpa for her hockey faux pas, we hear from yet another fan of NBC’s “Parenthood,” we’re encouraged to read some Jeannette Walls, and fellow geek Steve Bryson shares a list of his favorite iPhone apps.

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  • http://twitter.com/macpro macpro

    My favorite time wasting websites, kind of in countdown order.
    10. HawaiiThreads.com – A crazy message board that used to be quite busy back in the day before Twitter and Facebook. An eclectic cast of characters who are generally not afraid to share their views on all sorts of things from Hawaii to food, from politics to pictures, media, and whatever.
    9. Twitter – Yep I waste some of my time here just reading tweets especially on days when something big happens… most recently the death of Steve Jobs… so many interesting memories and links are always shared here. I post in spurts here, depending on what I want to say.
    8. Hulu.com – My TV broke early this year. I cut the cord off my cable subscription. Now my TV viewing is mostly web streams only. Hulu  is my favorite since it has many first run network TV shows plus a lot of recent classics and oldies that I can catch up with again. Free access still can get you a lot but you get more with a paid model too.
    7. Low End Mac – Lots of articles per week on how to keep that old and recent Mac going way, way beyond the standard warranty and extended warranty period. Learn how to keep that old Mac OS9 computer going, how to squeeze the latest version of Mac OSX in Macs that aren’t supposed to run it… fooling around with Linux on your Mac and much, much more.
    6. Geek News Central – I sometimes listen to the entire podcast and read many of the interesting geeky techie articles here. Todd is a great podcaster. He makes tech interesting and understandable even for non-tech people.
    5. Craigslist – If I lived in a bigger place I’d probably buy more stuff from this place. Lots of “bargains” on all kinds of used stuff… computers, cameras, furniture, games, toys, cars, vehicles of all types.
    4. Wikipedia – I look up all kind of strange stuff here like lengths of runways at airports all over the world, facts and trivia about insects, reptiles, meerkats, movies, spaceships, planets, germs, people, politicians, you name it, it’s probably there. Lots of music trivia too. Not everything is accurate here but it is a good qucik and dirty reference read.
    3. Facebook – Yes I keep up with a lot of crap here. Post a lot too. Hey, my friends are there. Today you got to set up your online presence in the shopping mall and not at the outback dessert of the web. 
    2. I watch a lot of goofy videos here on YouTube. A HUGE time waster if you want to see airplanes taking off and landing at all kinds of airports, news reports, lots of people doing really stupid and funny things, shaky iPhone videos, and for me the best of all clips of old TV shows and music videos from the past and today. YouTube is definitely the MTV of the 21st century. The best place to get music videos on demand.
    1. FLICKR – Other than watching videos, my favorite pass time is Flickr photo sharing. Not only do I have more than 9,700 photos of my own there, I can browse tens of billions (it seems) of photos under every subject, place, situation on, under and over the Earth and beyond. As Ryan said, I love the categories and sets you can browse – and creating galleries of other peoples’ photos on your own site! Boeing, cars, 1960 muscle cars, Dengue Fever, Polaroids, Nintendoes, Apple, Hawaii, Minolta, Honokaa, and millions of sets and groups feature photos that anyone can see. Plus Flickr has a good message board system per group (some of which you can actually learn something) and community.


  • http://twitter.com/stella_meimei Stella Torres

    Hi there! Thanks again for the shoutout on the podcast! I totally agree on every single count for Fast Times on Ridgemont High, especially since I continue to be squicked out by the sex scene and the abortion subplot. The only funny parts I remember are the swimsuit scenes and Sean Penn’s story line.

    Monsoon Wedding is pretty fantastic, though. I think it’s one of the most truly romantic movies around.

    Which reminds me – and I had to wonder, because I haven’t watched it yet in full – wasn’t PSH also in Boogie Nights?

    I’ll be keeping an eye out for Ready Player One over here. :)

  • http://www.hawaiiweblog.com hawaii

    “Fast Times” may be a movie I think I know better than I do, and saw far fewer times than I thought I did. It’s not a movie I’d go out of my way to watch again.

    Quite right, P.S. Hoffman was in “Boogie Nights”! He was Scottie, who was in love with Dirk.

  • http://www.hawaiiweblog.com hawaii

    I’m glad HawaiiThreads.com is still on your list! And it’s great that you’re listening to Todd at GNC. He’s in Hawaii, a hardworking media maker, also one of the key guys behind the annual Podcast Awards.

    I don’t spend much time on Craigslist, apart from reading the ‘best of’ collections and randomly stopping by ‘missed connections’ out of perverse curiosity.

  • http://www.facebook.com/richardwmmak Richard Mak

    make no mistake this film in addition to Leonardo DiCaprio clearly stars Naomi Watts,  Armie Hammer,Josh Lucas and Judi Dench as per official credits.


  • http://twitter.com/ffluvssg1 Fred Firestine

    Guess who just borrowed “Ready Player One” on Kindle from the library? *Points with two thumbs* THIS GUY! It seemed like the geekiest way to get the book (also the cheapest). I had to wait a couple of weeks, but with only seven days to read it before it is “returned,” I have motivation to get through it. So far I am enjoying it, although the first-person narrative does not make it seem too literary. I am in it for the pop culture references anyway, as well as another apocalyptic story.

  • Yogabon

    I’ve been enjoying Grimm on line after the fact because I watch Fringe at the same time on Fridays.  This show is delightful in a Buffy-esque way.  Much Like Moonlight that haunted Friday nights before it, I doubt it’ll survive but I’ll try to catch it as I can just the same. 

    I have dropped Dexter, lost interest in person of and am barely holding on to Terra Nova (because the kids like it and Jason Omara is that cute!). Glee still holds some charm but otherwise this is the bleakest Fall season in along time.

  • http://twitter.com/davidswinney David Swinney

    The mid-1970s were in my pop music wheelhouse since I was in college at the time, so I enjoyed this podcast just as much as the prior one about 1972.

    Here are my five favorite songs of 1974 – not all of which charted at number one – in no particular order:

    (1) Band on the Run – Paul McCartney and Wings
    (2) Waterloo – ABBA
    (3) Radar Love – Golden Earring
    (4) Goodbye Yellow Brick Road – Elton John
    (5) Taking Care of Business – Bachman Turner Overdrive

    And as a bonus pick, I want to echo Ryan’s affection for The Hollies’ “The Air That I Breathe.” 

    While listening to the song’s excerpt on the podcast, I was surprised to find out how much it affected me emotionally – I guess it always did, but I had forgotten. It’s a heartbreakingly beautiful song, and hearing it this morning moved me to head straight to Amazon to buy a Hollies anthology CD.  

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_PAGKQS4Q3C7DAUEQR2ESVGDB4Y Albert Ross

    Nice selections!  Oldfield would have been on my top five also.  I also like the Steely Dan and Hollies releases but I would have selected:

    Nineteen Hunded and Eighty-Five – Paul McCartney and Wings
    Tell Me Something Good – Rufus
    Funeral for a Friend/Love Lies Bleeding – Elton John
    (I’ve Been) Searchin’ So Long – Chicago

    If you don’t move to Rufus and Chaka Kahn on the soul hit, you’re dead.  The Wings song reminds me of Baba O’Reilly, the Who hit that I list in my top 10 of all time, in the way that it builds to a brilliant climax.

    The entire Goodbye Yellow Brick Road album was both an artistic and popular blockbuster for good reason; 5 classic hits continue to be heard regularly 37 years later.  Early Chicago is a personal guilty pleasure.

  • Bill K

    Agree with Nineteen Hundred and Eighty-Five comment, though I put it a cut below Baba O’Reilly.

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_PAGKQS4Q3C7DAUEQR2ESVGDB4Y Albert Ross

    Exactly right Bill; the Wings song however was definately one of my top 5 in 1974.

  • http://www.hawaiiweblog.com hawaii

    This is a test of a comment that should only appear on Episode #164.

  • http://www.hawaiiweblog.com hawaii

    Well, that didn’t work. Comments are all mixed up. But at least they’re not getting lost!

    At least, I hope they’re not.

  • Peebles Jonathan


  • http://twitter.com/ffluvssg1 Fred Firestine

    I am at 54% in the book (as calculated by the Kindle). The seven day limit is adding to the sense of urgency in the plot, I guess. It’s definitely a fun story. A nice tribute to the 80s, gamers, and what life might be like in the near future (for good or bad).